Exceptional Music Production Services

What We Provide

World-Class Music Production Services


Audio capture in an exclusive, welcoming, professional environment to bring out the best in your music. The legendary acoustics of Reservoir's Studio A have been sought out by artists since it opened as Skyline Studios in 1978.


Balancing, equalization, and creative production to better tell your story. We offer stereo mixes with stereo stem delivery for upmixing to immersive formats.


Optimize your mix to industry standards in music and media. We offer an analog/digital hybrid environment optimized for streaming, CD, and vinyl releases.


Frictionless booking, contracting, and scheduling for your film score, recording session, or album project. Our network of engineers, producers, copyists, and musicians is second to none. Bookings available from half day to multi-week lockouts.

Selected Work

1. “Mercury” – NPR Field Recordings – Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, Nadia Sirota – Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

2. “Standards vol. 1” – Thomas Bartlett – Mastered

3. “Motel Blues” – Ella Hunt – Mastered

4. “Do It” (Nico Muhly Rework) – Rae Morris, Nico Muhly – Mixed

5.  “Hansu Sees Sunja” (Pachinko Season 1 Original Soundtrack) – Nico Muhly – Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

6.  “Margeurite” – Olivia Chaney – Mastered

7. “Gift of Fire” (Original Score) – Nico Muhly – Recorded

8. “Fata Morgana” – DM Stith – Mastered

About Us

Founded by composer, mixer, and mastering engineer Fritz Myers, Platitude Music is part of the Reservoir Studios complex in midtown Manhattan.  We offer world-class audio services for your music and media projects.    

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